Saturday, November 4, 2017

Should I Get a Tire Shine?

Should I Get a Tire Shine?

There are many opinions and some outright myths out in the open about washing wheels and tire dressing overall. At Overland Carwash we often get the question: Should I Get a Tire Shine?
Out of all car parts, tires are arguably exposed to more stress and various elements than other parts. Furthermore, the nature of rubber is that it degrades after a certain time. Many tire manufacturers have in fact recommended "life times" regardless if the mileage is reached or not.
Nevertheless tire dressing makes the wheel clean, glossy, and overall the car much more appealing. However, using the right type of products could actually help your tires from early retirement (note that they can NEVER extend the life of a tire or prevent failure from physical stress). Some products however claim that they can help protect the tire agains the elements, especially the sun. Protection could extent to helping prevent cracking, fading, and hardening of tires.

If you have specific questions about wheel cleaning and tire dressing, make sure to contact Overland Carwash.


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