Thursday, January 24, 2019

Why Get Your Car Waxed

Car wax may be viewed by many as an aesthetic luxury, the treatment however has a much more important purpose and function, to extend the life of your vehicle's paint job. A thin layer of quality wax can help shield the car's clear coat from from sunlight, grime in the air or on the road, water, bugs as well as repelling dirt overall.
The best bonus is the great look once you have your car waxed. Don't hesitate to our experienced staff at Overland Carwash in Los Angeles if you are unsure and want professional advice on the best service that suits your car. Best of all we now offer a $20 discount on our infamous Hand Wax!


Monday, January 21, 2019

Save $10 on Auto Detailing

Drop by Overland Carwash before the month end and Save $10 on Auto Detailing. Right now you can get a Winter Mini Detail and save ten dollars on a comprehensive package that includes services like detailed vacuuming, floor mats shampoo, exterior and interior Armor All as well as hand wax.
Drop by Overland Carwash in West L.A. today!


Thursday, January 17, 2019

Premium Carwash in Brentwood

Make sure to visit Overland Carwash if you're looking for a Premium Carwash in Brentwood. In just a few years Overland Carwash has become one of Los Angeles best rated Auto Detailing centers.
As a premium car wash, Overland Carwash offers a selection of services such as complete detailingclay waxingpolishing and much more.
Conveniently located on Overland Ave in West Los Angeles, Overland Carwash caters to Brentwood residents and all neighboring areas. For the best Premium Carwash in Brentwood visit Overland Carwash today!


Monday, January 14, 2019

Interior Car Wash

Whether it's coffee stains, mud from soccer cleats, or soda stains, the Interior Car Wash from Overland Carwash can tackle it. The worse disservice you can do is to procrastinate and let the stains bake into your seats, as that might make it even more difficult to remove.
At Overland Carwash Interior Car Wash Detailing is one of our expertise areas and we take great pride in restoring our customers auto interiors.


Thursday, January 10, 2019

Family Business in Culver City

Did you know that Overland Carwash is a family owned and operated business that's been operating since 2008? That's more than 10 years that we have become known for our quality and service among our loyal customers.
In addition to basic washes, Overland Carwash is your one-stop-shop auto detailing center. No longer do you need to fear car wash lingo, confusing packages and non-sensibly priced options. At Overland Carwash we simplify and take away the unknown to fully satisfy you. Our experienced auto detailing experts will guide you to find the most suitable option. Come find out what our Family Business in Culver City and one of the best Carwashes in town can do for you and your car!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Free Car Wash in 2019

Wanna get a Free Car Wash in 2019? At Overland Carwash our loyal customers know that we roll out special auto detailing deals every month. Sometimes it's a great deal for a hand wax while another might be interior detailing. This month you can get yourself a OCW Special Wash completely free if you prepay for 3 OCW Special Washes.
Make sure to take advantage of this great deal at a value of $34.99 before it's too late! Drop by Overland Carwash today as it's conveniently located in the West L.A. city of Culver City near major freeways.


Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 January Car Wash Coupons

The 2019 January Car Wash Coupons from Overland Carwash have been rolled out. A big thank you to all our new as well as loyal customers who made 2018 a great success. We look forward to providing you top quality service throughout 2019.
Check out the new 2019 January Car Wash Coupons below and make sure you take advantage of them before the month end.