Monday, November 27, 2017

Get Your Car Super Clean

Get Your Car Super Clean

If you need to Get Your Car Super Clean, come to the one place that's very different from other car washes. At Overland Carwash we have a Super Clean detailing package that is not only comprehensive but also very well priced, making it a popular choice. The Super Clean Carwash package from Overland Carwash includes this long list of services;

- Super Vacuum with Air Blow Gun
- Degrease Tires and Rims
- Rain-X
- Triple Poly Foam Wax
- Clear Coat Sealant
- Interior Armor All/Vinyl Treatment
- Exterior Armor All
- Super Interior Wipe Down
- Lexol Leather Treatment
- Odor Eliminator
- Air Freshener

Drop by this week and ask our experts about how to get Get Your Car Super Clean with the Super Clean package.

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