Monday, May 27, 2019

Hand Wash in Culver City

At Overland Carwash you'll find on of the most popular Hand Wash in Culver City just minutes away from major freeways. This West L.A. Hand Car Wash is conveniently located only minutes away from Santa Monica and Westwood.
At Overland Carwash we offer a many different auto detailing services such as "Complete Detailing", "Interior Detail Shampoo", and "Clay Wax".
By offering personal service and applying our years of experience in the industry, Overland Carwash has become on of the most popular choices for a Hand Wash in Culver City!


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Detailing for Car Seats

At Overland Carwash we offer the Interior Car Detailing package commonly known as the "Interior Detail Shampoo". This package is ideal when you need a Detailing for Car Seats.
This comprehensive interior car detailing is perfect for handling messy situations including food and mud stains. The interior detailing deal includes:

- Detailed Vacuuming
- Magic Wheel Treatment/Steam Clean Tires and Rims
- Floor Mats Detail Shampoo
- Interior Detail Shampoo
- Steam Clean Door and Trunks
- Seat Belts Steamed
- Odor Eliminator
- Floor Mats Detail Shampoo
- Interior Armor All Dressing
- and much more.

Drop by Overland Carwash today and ask about Detailing for Car Seats!


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Professional Engine Bay Cleaning

car wash is an important part of maintaining cars and make them last longer. Most of us however  forget the fact that a Professional Engine Bay Cleaning is a very important part of keeping everything under the hood intact. Keeping up with the cleaning is important in avoiding build up and engine corrosion which can lead to costly decay.

Drop by Overland Carwash and ask about our Professional Engine Bay Cleaning service today.


Tuesday, May 7, 2019

$20 Discount on Auto Wax

Overland Carwash now offers a great deal where you get $20 Discount on Auto Wax. Our popular wax detailing is thorough and includes Detailed Vacuuming, Magic Wheel Treatment as well as Steam Cleaning of Tires and Rims, Rain-X,  Exterior Armor All Dressing, Hand Waxing, and an Air Freshener.
The Overland Carwash Hand Wax is a great Auto Wax detailing package, ask for more details on your next visit!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

2019 May Car Wash Coupons

The May 2019 Car Wash Coupons from Overland Carwash are here! This month you can get a free air freshener with the purchase of the Early Bird Special among other money saving auto detailing offers.