Thursday, November 7, 2019

Interior Auto Detailing

The summer heat is gone but the resulting dryness has unfortunately dealt us devastating wildfires in Los Angeles and California overall. At Overland Carwash we offer detailing services to combat the aftermath of wildfires, especially that of the resulting ash.
Unlike regular mud and sand, ash can be finer than dust and much of it gets into the car when doors and windows are open. The slow but gradual accumulation may become visible after a while on darker interior colors as they start getting grey.
If you are in need of interior detailing, whether it's a quick wipe down and vacuuming or a complete thorough interior detailing, drop by Overland Carwash in Los Angeles and consult one of our experienced experts.


Monday, November 4, 2019

American Car Detailing

If you're looking for a good 'ol American Car Detailing then make sure to check out The American Deal. This great car wash deal gives your car a proper Carnauba Wax Hand Service that is ideal for protection agains humidity, water, and heat all while providing a great shine.
So make sure to take advantage of this November 2019 deal and save 20 bucks off The American Deal. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us for simply drop by the car wash.


Friday, November 1, 2019

2019 November Car Wash Coupons

The 2019 November Car Wash Coupons are now available! Make sure to take advantage of these deals before they expire. Why not an American Deal; saving you 20 bucks on a Carnauba Hand Wax?





Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Dirty Car in Los Angeles

Dirty Car in Los Angeles? Drop by Overland Carwash where you can choose from a variety of auto detailing services ranging from interior and exterior detailing to complete detailing.
No matter what condition your car is in, we have a detailing package that can handle it. At Overland Carwash we offer great service through our experienced staff. If you are unsure about your needs, certain products or any other questions make sure to ask us and we will consult you on the best auto detailing package for you.
So if you got a Dirty Car in Los Angeles, drop by Overland Carwash!


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Trusted Los Angeles Car Wash

Did you know that Overland Carwash is a local family owned business? We take pride in being a family owned business and in the Los Angeles neighborhood that we service. For years we have worked hard to become a Trusted Los Angeles Car Wash with a wide base of returning customers that we truly appreciate.
Our loyal customer base is our strongest ally in recommending friends, family, and colleagues to our car wash. One of our customers wrote:

 “They did and amazing job cleaning even the nooks and crannies around cup holders and console trays.” - Zaira

in an online review. If you are looking for a Trusted Los Angeles Car Wash, make sure to drop by Overland Carwash.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Last Chance for October Car Wash Deals

It's your Last Chance for October Car Wash Deals before they expire by the end of the month! Why not drop by to take advantage of deals such as $30 off the Complete Detailing, $20 off the Mini Detail, or why not 5 bucks off the popular O.C.W. Special Wash that offers a lot of value compared to its budget friendly price.
Drop by Overland Carwash and take advantage of these 2019 October Car Wash Deals before they're gone.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Trick or Treat car wash deal

Halloween is upon as is the season for trick or treating. At Overland Carwash we are all about the treats however. Right now we offer a great car wash coupon that saves you 20 dollars on our popular mini detail package. The so called "Trick or Treat car wash deal" is valid throughout the month is a great option if you need a more thorough wash and detailing both on the outside and inside.
Simply drop by the car wash in Culver City and ask for this great auto detailing deal before it's too late.


Monday, October 14, 2019

$30 Car Wash Coupon

Are you in need of a complete auto detailing? If so then you're in luck as we currently offer a $30 Car Wash Coupon for our Complete Detailing package.  This is the most comprehensive car wash package available at Overland Carwash, making sure all your cars nooks and crannies are cleaned out.
The Complete Detailing option thoroughly details the interior including vacuuming, interior detail shampooing, steaming of door jams, trunks, and seat belts as well as the exterior including clay treatment, removal of sap, oxidation and water spots removal, and speed buffing.

Drop by Overland Carwash before it's too late and take advantage of the $30 Car Wash Coupon!


Thursday, October 10, 2019

Budget Friendly Car Wash

As a local family owned car wash, Overland Carwash understands the need for an establishment that offers quality service and takes local and environmental responsibility, all while offering at prices that are competitive and don't break the bank.
That is why Overland Carwash is the Budget Friendly Car Wash that takes pride in its business practices and reputation. By offering consistent quality service we have managed to grow our loyal customer base and hence offer decent prices for great services. Therefor we invite you to support a local businesses by dropping by Overland Carwash in West Los Angeles, your Budget Friendly Car Wash!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Greener Car Wash

At Overland Carwash in Los Angeles we like to think of ourselves as a greener Car Wash with a long and strong tradition.
At Overland Carwash we strive to become completely green and eco friendly. By implementing strict recycling procedures and by using more environmentally friendly auto detailing products, we have become one of the "greenest" auto detailing centers in Los Angeles. Furthermore, we use micro fiber towels, providing extra streak-free shine all while minimizing waste.
For your next car wash do yourself as well as your car, wallet and the environment a solid and visit Overland Carwash in Los Angeles; for Greener Car Wash!


Friday, October 4, 2019

Super Fall Detailing

Fall is here and Californians can finally take a sigh of relief from the summer heat months. With the arrival of fall the humidity levels will increase as well as other potentially car paint damaging occurrences.  Not only does rain increase but so does other damaging factors such as leavesdirt, sap and much more. That is why preparing your cars finish is imperative, at Overland Carwash we currently offer the Super Fall Detailing that is ideal.
Visit the Overland Carwash website and the Coupon section for all other current car wash deals including the Super Fall Detailing deal!


Tuesday, October 1, 2019

2019 October Car Wash Coupons

The Overland Carwash 2019 October Car Wash Coupons have been rolled out. Save $30 off a complete detailing or why not the in season "Trick or Treat" deal? If you have any questions about any of these deals, do not hesitate to contact us. Whatever you do, make sure you take advantage of these deals as they are only valid through October 31st, 2019.

october car wash coupons

october car wash coupons

october car wash coupons

october car wash coupons

Thursday, September 26, 2019

5 Dollar Car Wash Coupon

As part of the September 2019 coupons we now offer the 5 Dollar Car Wash Coupon where you can save five bucks on the popular O.C.W. Special Wash. The O.C.W. Special Wash short for the Overland CarWash Special Wash is a popular choice among our regulars who appreciate the long list of services included in such an affordable option. Everything from a soft cloth wash to sealer wax, vacuuming, under body wash, and much more.
So drop by the car wash and take advantage of the 5 Dollar Car Wash Coupon today!


Monday, September 23, 2019

Last Chance For Car Coupons

It's your Last Chance For Car Coupons of September 2019! With only a week left, don't miss out on great money saving offers! You can get a free O.C.W. wash when pre-paying for three O.C.W. washes, or why not 20% off on the popular Hand Wax Package that includes much more than just a hand wax.
Whatever your needs are, drop by Overland Carwash before the month end and take advantage of one of our great September car coupons.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Armor All at Overland Carwash

At Overland Carwash we take pride in offering the best service possible thanks to our experienced staff. We also recognize the importance of using only tested quality products, among others we use Armor All line of products for a variety of our detailing packages.
Armor All auto detailing products have been thoroughly tested by the manufacturer to provide top quality results. The Armor All Car Wash for instance has been found to be safe for all automotive finishes while adding a great shine without stripping the wax on the car.
If you still have questions, drop by and consult one of our experts about auto detailing products and Armor All at Overland Carwash.


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Get Your Wax On

Get Your Wax On at Overland Carwash where we offer impeccable service using only the best products. Our staff of professional auto detailing experts have years of experience in detailing all types of vehicles. Whether you drive a truck, SUV, german import or your commuter car, our experienced staff can help you.
Best of all we have a $20 off deal on our hand wax detailing using the coupon below. Apart from the hand wax, this great package includes detailed vacuuming, magic wheel Treatment, Exterior Armor All dressing, and much more.
Drop by Overland Carwash before the month end and Get Your Wax On!


Saturday, September 14, 2019

It's a Big Deal!

Right now you can save $30 on the Complete Detailing package from Overland Carwash. It's a Big Deal as the Complete Detailing package is our most comprehensive car wash package with attention to detail like no other. If you opt in for this detailing package we will take care of even the nooks and crannies of your car, like the door jams, the trunk, your seat belts, as wells as the gas cap compartment.

Do you car and your wallet a solid one and take advantage of this months Big Deal coupon that will save you $30 on this package.


Thursday, September 12, 2019

Simoniz Wax Process

Have you tried our Simoniz Wax Process? At Overland Carwash we take pride in only offering the best quality service as well as products, our wax products are no different. Simoniz Wax is an industry leading product that offers unmatched qualities such as UV-protection, protection against minor scratches, as well as a longer lasting shine. Best of all, at Overland Carwash our Simoniz Wax detailing package includes Magic Wheel Treatment, Steam Cleaning of Tires and Rims, Water Spot Removal, Clay Treatment, Simoniz Process, Hand Wax, and Exterior Armor All Dressing, and Detailed Vacuuming,.
So if your car is in need of a wax session make sure to visit Overland Carwash and as for the Simoniz Wax Process and why it may be the perfect option for you.


Monday, September 9, 2019

Free OCW Special Wash

The OCW Special Wash is one of our popular detailing packages that many of our loyal customers appreciate. This great package includes services such as Rainbow Wax, Vacuuming, Wheel & Rim Cleaning, Exterior Body Dressing, and much more.
Best of all during the month of September 2019 we have rolled out a car wash coupon where you can get a free OCW Special Wash if you pre-pay for three OCW Special Wash. Make sure to take advantage of this deal before it expires before the end of the month.


Thursday, September 5, 2019

Free Car Air Freshener

Get a Free Car Air Freshener when you redeem this great car wash coupon from Overland Carwash. The Early Bird Special at Overland Carwash in West Los Angeles is a great choice if you can make it to the car wash Mondays through Thursdays before 10:00 AM.
With the September 2019 rollout of new car wash coupons you will also get a Free Car Air Freshener. All you have to do is redeem this coupon before the month comes to an end.


Monday, September 2, 2019

2019 September Car Wash Coupons

Overland Carwash popular Car Wash coupons for the month of September are here. The 2019 September Car Wash Coupons include savings of $30 on the Complete Detailing Package, $20 on the Hand Wax Deal and many more great offers. Visit us at Overland Carwash and redeem any of these great offers during the month of September, 2019.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

When to choose Clay Wax?

You might have asked yourself: When to choose Clay Wax? Most people don't know about the differences between clay wax and other auto detailing wax products. Basically, clay wax is most often used to remove microscopic dirt debris as well as other residue that have found itself on the paint of the car.
One of the great properties of clay wax is the fact that it encapsulates the tiny, or rater microscopic chips created by the bonded dirt that is removed. Basically; it fills the small tiny holes left behind to create a smooth surface again.
For further questions on clay wax or any other car wash questions don't hesitate to contact Overland Carwash in Los Angeles.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Sand on car seats and floor mats

Are your car seats and floor mats full of sand thanks to the long summer and beach season here in Los Angeles? It's not uncommon to find sand on floor mats, in-between seats and every other crevice basically. In fact soda and ice cream stains on the seats are as common as more of us have enjoyed the summer and trips to the beach.
At Overland Carwash you can drop by and consult our experienced staff for the most suitable service. Whatever the choice, rest assure that we have a service for your sand stricken car interior.

sand car seats floor mats

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Interior Leather Treatment

Come by Overland Carwash and experience our Interior Leather Treatment and its many benefits. Maintaining your leather interior is far more cost friendly than putting it off until a costly restoration is needed.
Best of all we only provide the best service with the best of products: Lexol Leather Treatment! Lexol is one of the most respected brands in the auto detailing industry which is exactly we have chosen it here at Overland Carwash.

Interior Leather Treatment

Monday, August 19, 2019

Hand Wash Your Car

At Overland Carwash you can have us Hand Wash Your Car with the utmost care. We're located only blocks away from major freeways sch as the 405 and I5. We have an experienced staff and use only top quality auto detailing products. Best of all; we're a family owned business where our relationship to our customers is the number one priority.
Whether you need to get your commuter car washed or an expensive import or the company truck, at Overland Carwash we have the right packages. Drop by our family owned car wash where we value our customers and care about our community.

hand wash car

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Auto Spa

The Complete Detailing package at Overland Carwash includes a whole list of interior and exterior detailing. It really is like an Auto Spa for your car or truck. A complete and professional service that will virtually restore your car to its showroom glory days.
If you wonder whether this package is the right choice of your car, do not hesitate to contact us. Or you could simply to drop by Overland Carwash today and treat your cartruck, or SUV to an incredible Auto Spa experience.

complete detailing

Monday, August 12, 2019

Engine Detailing in Los Angeles

Overland Carwash offers Engine Detailing in Los Angeles that is ideal to keep the parts under the hood in mint condition. Even though most of us recognize the importance of auto detailing, most of us underestimate engine detailing. Having the cars engine bay properly cleaned and detailed not only makes it look good but actually helps fights corrosion as well.

For quality Engine Detailing in Los Angeles visit Overland Carwash today!


Thursday, August 8, 2019

Mini Detailing Special

Is your car in need of a thorough wash inside and out? Does the car need waxing, washing and some interior detailing as well but you don't want to spend several hundred dollars on a complete auto detailing? In such case the Overland Carwash Mini Detail service is most likely the best fit.
The Mini Detail includes everything from detailed vacuuming and Magic wheel treatment to under carriage wash and Interior Armor All dressing. Best of all it comes at a reasonable price of only $129.99! The good news is that Overland Carwash offers a great Mini Detailing Special where you save $20 on the original price. This offer is good throughout the month of August 2019, so make sure to take advantage while it lasts.


Monday, August 5, 2019

Free Air Freshener

Get a Free Air Freshener with a purchase of the popular early bird special. This special is valid when redeeming the coupon below. This coupon is part of the monthly special roll out for the month of August 2019.
The early bird special is available Mondays through Thursdays before 10:00 AM. Drop in before the month end and take advantage of this offer to receive a Free Air Freshener at Overland Carwash!


Friday, August 2, 2019

2019 August Car Wash Coupons

The 2019 August Car Wash Coupons from Overland Carwash are here. Whether you need a detailing package or early bird special, check this months car wash coupons out to find something just right for you.





Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Value Mini Detailing

Overland Carwash offers a popular Mini Detailing package that has the customers coming back. This Value Mini Detailing deal offers amazing service all while being affordable. These services include Magic Wheel Treatment, Detailed Vacuuming, Under Carriage Wash, Floor Mats Detail Shampoo, Steam Cleaning of Tires and Rims,  Lexol Leather Treatment Renewal, and much more. With this long list of auto detailing services included there is nothing minimal about this Value Mini Detailing deal.
Drop by Overland Carwash today and ask our professionals about is.