Thursday, November 8, 2018

Holiday Car Wash Season

Fall has officially arrived and so the holidays will relieve each other one after another. That also means a period of time when more Americans hit the road than any other time of the year. Many will visit parents, children, siblings, in-laws, and many other friends and family.
Make sure your car is at its best when you roll up your family's drive-way. At Overland Carwash we offer a series of different detailing packages that are suitable depending on your cars needs. Whether you drive a family sedan, truck, SUV or a van, our detailing experts can suggest a service that's optimal. Maybe the Thanksgiving Deal that is a comprehensive Mini Detail service, or why not the O.C.W Special Wash?
So come on in by Overland Carwash and ask us for the best car wash service for you.

Monday, November 5, 2018

$5 Car Wash Coupon

The $5 Car Wash Coupon from Overland Carwash is the perfect reason to finally drop by and get that long needed wash that you have procrastinated. Get the popular O.C.W. Special Wash that includes a long range of detailing such as Soft Cloth Wash, Sealer Wax, Rainbow Wax, Vacuuming, Soft Cloth Hand Drying, and much more. Visit our website to see the full list of what the O.C.W. Special Wash includes.


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Car Wash Coupons - November

The Overland Carwash November 2018 Car Wash Coupons are here. Make sure that you take advantage of these great deals throughout November by simply redeeming them on your smartphone. Make sure to also consult our auto detailing experts for the best possible car wash service that meet your cars needs.





Thursday, October 25, 2018

Last call for October Car Wash Coupons

It's Last call for October Car Wash Coupons at Overland Carwash. Make sure to take a look at these great savings before they expire by the end of the month. During October you can get the Halloween Deal, Super Fall Detailing or even a Free Carwash when prepaying for 10 best value washes.
Drop by today or give us a call to consult our experts on what service is best suited for your cars condition and needs.




Monday, October 22, 2018

Spooky Car Wash Deal

Some car lovers might suggest that a dirty car is a nightmare, whether it's a muddy exterior or soda stains in the backseat. Coincidentally we have unveiled the Spooky Car Wash Deal for Halloween here at Overland Carwash in Los Angeles.
This great Mini Detailing service gives your car the treatment necessary to make it sparkling clean on the inside and outside. The Mini Detail package consists of Detailed Vacuuming, Magic Wheel Treatment/Steaming, Cleaning of Tires and Rims, Floor Mats Detailed Shampoo, Interior and Exterior Armor All Dressing, and much more. For a full list of what is included check out the Mini Detail Service page on our website.
Make sure you don't miss out on this great deal as it's only available to the end of the month.


Thursday, October 18, 2018

LA Auto Spa

Get the Full Detailing service package from Overland Carwash to get a real LA Auto Spa experience. This is our most comprehensive package and it includes the interior and exterior as well as the wheels and tires. A full and complete service that will nearly restore your car looking to showroom glory days. Make sure to also visit our Coupons section on our website to find current deals with lots of savings.
Drop by Overland Carwash today and consult one of our experienced detailing experts on what service is best for your vehicle.


Monday, October 15, 2018

$35 off on Car Wash

During the month of October (2018) you can get $35 off on Car Washes at Overland Carwash in LA. The Super Fall Detail is a popular service package that we try to bring back yearly thanks to popular demand. Right now you can save $35 on this comprehensive b service that includes clay wax, Lexol teather treatment, exterior armor all, and much more. For a full list of what is included drop by the car wash of give us a call.