Thursday, June 12, 2014

Premium Car Wash in Santa Monica

Premium Car Wash in Santa Monica

Overland Carwash is considered by many car owners to be "THE" Premium Car Wash in Santa Monica. By offering a long list of car wash services such as Regular Car Wash, Interior Detail Shampoo, and "Clay Wax", Overland Carwash is the one stop shop for all your car wash needs.

By combining the best products on the market such as Armor All, Clay Magic, and Rain X in combination with years of experience and expertise, you can rest assure that your car is in good hands. All while you can enjoy a refreshing soda or snack and enjoying the complimentary Wifi offered. For an unforgettable Car Wash service and for the best Premium Car Wash in Santa Monica, visit Overland Carwash of Santa Monica today.

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