Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Premium Car Polish in Los Angeles

Premium Car Polish in Los Angeles

A Premium Car Polish can do the paint and finish wonders in the long run. To this day there is a lot of confusion between car polish and car wax.

  • Polishing removes dirt, grease, scratches and other smaller imperfections from the paint job and the surface of the car, giving it a nicer and longer lasting shine. 
  • Waxing on the other hand is the application of a protective layer of "wax" that protects the paint as well as adds a temporary shine. 

Generally speaking you can wax your car more often while polishing is a periodical service that shouldn't be overdone.
Drop by Overland Carwash this week to consult our auto detailing experts about your car and a possibly treating it with the best Premium Car Polish in Los Angeles! At Overland Carwash we believe that knowledge is the key to keeping your car lasting longer and looking better. Even if it is not due for a Polish yet we will guide you in alternative services.

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