Monday, September 30, 2013

Is Car Polish the same as Wax?

Is Car Polish the same as Wax?

Is Car Polish the same as Wax? - Simply put: No!
The reality is that there exists confusion today because the products themselves have changed over time and therefor so has the definition. This is mainly due to the evolution of the auto industry and the types of paint and finishes.
To simplify and clear up any possible confusion we have put together this short and easy guide to what Car Polish and Car Wax is today.

Car Polish on the other hand has the primary function of removing dirt, grease, scratches and other smaller imperfections from the surface and paint of your car. The present day car polish comes in liquid, solid or paste form and contains physical and/or chemical abrasive properties. This is to accomplish its task of properly cleaning the cars surface and even "removing" small scratches by filling them and reflecting light. Car Polish does NOT protect the cars paint and finish, that's the responsibility of the Car Wax.

Car Wax serves the primary function of serving as a protective layer for your cars paint and finish. Car wax is usually either a liquid or a paste and majority of the present ones are synthetic and not actual wax based like back in the days. The secondary function is to give your car a shine by reducing the effects of the elements. Water for example will simply slide off a newly waxed car. To conclude, car wax should ONLY be applied after a car wash and if you are combining with a car polish, after the polishing.

If you have any further questions or concerns about Car Polish and Car Wax, the question of:"Is Car Polish the same as Wax?" or inquries about the professional polish and hand wax services available at Overland Carwash in Culver City, feel free to contact us.

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