Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to clean Car Upholstery

How to clean Car Upholstery

Keeping anything clean is difficult these days. Keeping your car clean, and especially keeping it's interior and upholstery clean is easier said than done. Add to the equation a family and kids and soccer practices and before you know it the task of keeping the interior of your car is a daunting task.
Overland Carwash of Culver City has long offered great quality upholstery cleaning services. Serving areas in West Los Angeles such as Santa Monica, Westwood, and Marina Del Rey, now we are offering to offer our expertise and help to car owners all over the country through the power and reach of the internet. Through the few simple steps below we hope to help keep the interior upholstery of your car clean. The Overland Carwash "How to clean Car Upholstery" guide:

- Housekeeping (Carkeeping)
If you have a family with small children, or if you simply find yourself eating food and drinking beverages in your car, make sure to always drink from "safe" containers and to you throw away all empty containers after use. Also try to dispose of sandwich, burrito and other food wrappers as often leftover dressing and crumbs cause stains.

- Vacuum Frequently
As mentioned earlier, chips, bread and food crumbs can easily find their ways in between seems of the upholstery as well as tight spots. Believe it or not crumbs can cause pest problems even in your car, YES pest in your car. This is exactly why frequent vacuuming is key to a clean car interior.

- Stain Removal
Accidents happen, there is no way around that. Whether its a soda stain, mud stain or even lipstick (we leave it to you why you would have lipstick stains inside your car), regardless of the stain; REMOVE IT INSTANTLY. It can be all the difference between a clean interior and a permanent stain. For vinyl seats try using baking soda and water to rub off the stain. Although for the best all around stain remover you can use regular vinegar mixed with detergent and water.

If you follow all steps in this "How to clean Car Upholstery" guide the frequency and need for professional upholstery service will drastically be lower in the long haul. Although would the need still arise for quality service you should without any hesitation visit the experts at Overland Carwash for the best Car Upholstery Cleaning in town.

How to clean Car Upholstery

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