Thursday, June 18, 2020

Popular Car Wash Detailing Services

Overland Carwash in Los Angeles has been operating in Los Angeles for years and offers a wide range of car wash and auto detailing services. Throughout the years some of these have become favorites and popular among our loyal customers, below are three Popular Car Wash Detailing Services that our loyal customers often choose:

Mini Detail at Overland Carwash in Los Angeles
There is really nothing mini about this great and comprehensive package. Sure, in comparison to our comprehensive detailing package it may be lighter, but it offers everything from detailed vacuuming and wheel treatment to hand wax and leather treatment. Priced at only $129.99 this deal is hard to match.

O.C.W. Special Wash at Overland Carwash in Los Angeles
The O.C.W. Special Wash is very popular among weekly and biweekly visitors that need a proper touch up and that visit the car wash fairly regularly. This package includes sealer wax, rainbow wax, vacuuming, exterior body dressing, and more. Priced at only $34.99 makes this deal a real value offering.

Clay Wax at Overland Carwash in Los Angeles
The Clay Wax detailing service at Overland Carwash goes above and beyond a professional clay waxing. The service includes detailed interior vacuuming, steaming and Magic wheel treatment, rain-x, clay wax treatment, and more. Being priced at only $149.99 makes it also one of the best professional and premium clay wax deals around.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact or visit us for more information.

car wheels being washed at overland carwash

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