Monday, January 27, 2020

Car Wash Tips and Tricks

Sometimes we need to wash our cars ourselves even if we prefer to take it to the experts at our favorite car wash. Nevertheless, when washing your own car there are some tips and tricks that are often considered part of best practices and we thought we'll share one today;

When you are in the stage of washing the exterior surface with a microfiber wash mitt using soap and water, make sure to use two buckets. One bucket should have only water and the other the water and special soap solution. After each iteration you should rinse the microfiber wash mitt in the bucket with only water to release contaminants and debris from the wash mitt. When you're done you can soak it in the soap bucket and continue washing again. This process ensures that you minimize the risk of the debris and contaminants that have been collected from the car finish and trapped in the wash mitt to scratch the surface when you continue washing.

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