Thursday, August 23, 2018

Why getting a hand wash is better!

You're driving down the boulevard and spot a great deal at the local drive through car wash, should just make a quick stop? No doubt even fully automated drive through car washes come in a wide range of quality and services. Some use much better cleaning solutions while others use only liquid pressure instead of abrasive brushes. Reality is that regardless of location, the "one size fits all" approach is just as good as one shoe fits all, which is not good att all.
Some automated car washes use water pressure instead of abrasive brushes, the pressure itself has been proven damaging many times, especially if you have a small unnoticed rock chip. Pressurized water can get under the edges of the affected area and peel away the paint causing more extensive damage. Other car washes use much friendlier microfiber cloth brushes but could instead use damaging acidic solutions that is very prevalent among automated car washes.

At Overland Carwash we not only use top shelf products for our auto detailing but most of all we rely on the experience and expertise of our detailing experts. We also launch a variety of different car wash coupons every month to offset the financial investment your making to maintain and keep your car clean.

Next time you're in need do your car a favor and drop by Overland Carwash in west L.A.!

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