Monday, July 16, 2018

Lexol Leather Treatment

Lexol Leather Treatment

Like all interiors, leather gets dirty too! All auto interiors including leather interiors receive their fair share of wear and tear from perspiration, footwear, sports equipment, spilled liquids, sunlight, and much more. Leather restoration can be very costly if you don't take care of it periodically. Lexol is one of the most respected brands in leather treatment including that of cars, trucks and SUV's. That is exactly why we use Lexols high quality line-up of products in our various auto detailing service packages.
Right now you can experience Lexol Leather Treatment for yourself as part of the Super Summer Detail offer that you can redeem at Overland Carwash. This great offer includes wash, clay wax, lexol leather treatment, exterior armor all and floor mats wash.


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