Monday, January 22, 2018

Get Your Car Super Clean

Get Your Car Super Clean

The Super Clean Auto Detailing Package is a comprehensive treatment that cleans your car inside and out. If you need a clear coat sealant but also interior vacuuming and leather treatment and maybe much more, then this package is fo you! At Overland Carwash the Super Clean Carwash includes a long list of services as seen below;

- Super Vacuum with Air Blow Gun
- Degrease Tires and Rims
- Rain-X
- Clear Coat Sealant
- Super Interior Wipe Down
- Triple Poly Foam Wax
- Interior Armor All/Vinyl Treatment
- Exterior Armor All
- Lexol Leather Treatment
- Odor Eliminator
- Air Freshener

The comprehensive Super Clean Carwash from Overland Carwash in West LA will leave your cars appearance in top notch condition and shiny.


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