Sunday, September 24, 2017

Undercarriage Wash in Los Angeles

Undercarriage Wash in Los Angeles

Car owners in California often don't have to worry about the detrimental effects of salt on the roads (used in colder states to melt ice and snow). Salt on roads is the leading contributor to rust under cars, but even in sunny California undercarriage wash is necessary.
A cars undercarriage has drainage holes that can get clogged or restricted if there is build-up. Not to mention rocks and debris that can chip the undercarriage exposing bare metal, in turn the metal is susceptible to rust when exposed to water and other moisture.
These are all reasons why you should never ignore the undercarriage of your car. Even if there isn't the same need in frequency to clean the undercarriage of your car, it should be done every once in a while. For a professional and proper Undercarriage Wash in Los Angeles, consult one of our auto detailing experts next time you drop by Overland Carwash in West Los Angeles.


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