Monday, February 20, 2017

Why the Clay Bar?

Why the Clay Bar?

This questions comes up on a regular basis as many of our customers ask "Why the Clay Bar?". The clay bar or clay wax is used to remove contaminants that are bonded or rather that have been baked into the paint or clear coat. This is a highly recommended step and procedure to opt for prior to regular waxing and polishing. These are contaminants usually don't come off in a regular car wash. The claying process shears the contaminants off the clear coat and encapsulates the aftermath to avoid any damage to the clear coat. The resulting finish by itself is an improvement but it is also a more ideal surface to further wax and polish.
If you have any further questions on "Why the Clay Bar?", don't hesitate to drop in and ask one of our experienced experts. Don't wait too long however as the offer below expires by the end of the month.


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