Thursday, September 15, 2016

LA's Family Carwash

LA's Family Carwash

Many of us take pride in the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in this country, in fact often we see it as a very American thing. That is why we enjoy so many success stories of family business from all over the country. That also why many of us choose local family businesses to help the local economy but also because we all believe in the notion that if you work hard you will succeed.
Overland Carwash is LA's Family Carwash, a place and business where we take pride in our ownership and involvement in the community. This is echoed by the fact that we have a loyal and steady growing customer base. We invite you to visit us and help support all local businesses in and around your community. So next time you're in need of a carwash make sure to drop by Overland Carwash; LA's Family Carwash!


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