Monday, May 16, 2016

Removing Soda Stain From Your Car Seats

Removing Soda Stain From Your Car Seats

Sooner or later many of us have spilled a can or bottle of soda in our cars. Removing Soda Stain From Car Seats can be easier said than done especially when dealing with lighter fabrics and dark colored soda. Quite frankly there is no one magic formula due to the many variables ranging from the car seat material and color to other factors such as if the stain is fresh or old. There are however some general good tips to go by when dealing with soda stains:

- Deal with fresh stains as quickly as possible by padding it with a cloth or paper towel.

- Always sue cold water since hot water causes the stain to set.

- Before using chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide make sure to first test a small area and let dry for signs of discoloration.

- Avoid using oils, ammonia, detergents or any other harsh chemicals that might sound like a bad idea.

If you are still in doubt about Removing Soda Stain From Your Car Seats, you could always drop by Overland Carwash and consult our experts.

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