Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Los Angeles Auto Buffing

Los Angeles Auto Buffing

Is your car in need of professional buffing? Make sure to visit Overland Carwash and consult our auto detailing experts on the best Los Angeles Auto Buffing available. Buffing your car aims to ultimately remove oxidation and surface scratches as well as the effects of what years of being exposed to the elements can do to a vehicle's paint, leaving a brighter and glossier finish.
One of the best Los Angeles Auto Buffing packages offered at Overland Carwash offers a comprehensive service that includes:
- Detailed Vacuum
- Magic Wheel Treatment/Steam Clean Tires and Rims
- Water and Tree Sap Removal
- Clay Treatment
- Speed Buffing
- Speed Polish and Glaze
- Hand Wax
- Exterior Armor All Dressing

Visit Overland Carwash today and find out more about the best Los Angeles Auto Buffing package in town.


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