Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Early Bird Carwash Special

Early Bird Carwash Special

Overland Carwash offers a long list of professional auto detailing packages. Our team of auto detailing experts will consult you on what service and package will be a good pick for you. However sometimes we are hurting for time and during this time of year it might be harder than ever to find time to get everything done. That is why the Early Bird Carwash Special at Overland Carwash is the perfect choice if you're in Los Angeles.
The Early Bird Carwash Special is available Monday through Thursday between opening and 10AM. At $10.99 you cannot go wrong with this thorough carwash option that will have you in and out when your short on time. Come on in this morning and ask for the Overland Early Bird Carwash Special!


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