Friday, February 6, 2015

Winter Car Detailing

Winter Car Detailing

Winter Car Detailing in LA? Most of us would agree that Southern California and the LA area in particular does not really have a "winter season" in the same sense that the rest of the country does. Quite frankly the worst our cars have to ever put up with is rain.
However rain can be by itself be detrimental in a large city where the falling droplets can be more acidic due to pollution. It can be particularly damaging to the cars paint and overall finish.
That's why keeping up with auto detailing during the winter is as important in LA as in other parts pf the nation.
Luckily Overland Carwash is now offering an amazing Winter Car Detailing deal. This offer saves you an incredible $50 when you opt for the Super Mid-Winter Detail, a package that normally runs for $150 but with this coupon it only comes out to $99.99!


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