Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Benefits of buffing your car

Benefits of buffing your car

At Overland Carwash we get a lot of questions regarding buffing and the difference between buffing, waxing and polishing. It's no wonder there is a confusion as these terms are often tossed around without consideration to their real meaning. That is why we took it on ourselves to sort out the confusion and even explain the Benefits of buffing your car!
Waxing is a completely different process from buffing and polishing. With waxing the ultimate goal is to protect the cars finish from the elements by applying a seal and coat to the finish of the car and. So far so good.

The distinction between polishing and buffing is nevertheless not as easy to define. In fact more than not the terms are used interchangeably even among auto detailing professionals and car washes. One car wash might have a distinction between the two and even list two different services under the names while another car wash might deem the both as the same. The important part is for you to explain why you are considering a polish or buffing and what you are trying to accomplish. Only then can the auto care professional guide you in the right direction.

Buffing a car is often to accomplish one of two options (if not both):
- Reveal a fresh layer of your cars coat
- Remove minor scratches from your cars paint

The buffing is primarily accomplished either manually or powered by high speed tools. The latter is often performed at car washes and auto care centers by professionals. If you have never have used high speed powered buffers we advise you to consult a auto care professional first as the cars coat could get damaged.
The process and end goal of polishing is often considered as the same process as buffing which is why the terms are considered often as two different names for the same service with minor difference depending on car wash establishment.

We invite you to drop by Overland Carwash in West Los Angeles to consult our auto care professionals on the Benefits of buffing your car at Overland Carwash and to answer any further questions you might have!

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