Monday, August 4, 2014

Best Auto Detailing in LA

Best Auto Detailing in LA

There are many opinions about what makes the perfect "auto detailing". Some put heavy weight on how comprehensive the detailing is while others imply it's the quality of the job not necessarily how long the list of included services is.
At Overland Carwash we like to think that the perfect and Best Auto Detailing in LA is one that combines a comprehensive list of services with quality and care that you would apply towards your own car. The complete detailing at Overland Carwash includes:

- Detailed Vacuum
- Magic Wheel Treatment/Steam Clean Tires and Rims
- Door Jams, Trunks, Seat Belts, and Gas Cap Compartments Steamed
- Under Carriage Wash
- Floor Mats Detail Shampoo
- Interior Detail Shampoo
- Odor Eliminator
- Lexol Leather Treatment Renewal
- Clay Treatment
- Removal of Sap, Oxidation and Water Spots
- Speed Buffing
- Speed Polish and Glaze
- Hand Wax
- Exterior Armor All Dressing

Combining this comrehensive list of care with the experience and professionalism of our staff, you are sure to leave our car wash with full satisfaction. However don't take our word for it, visit the Overland Carwash Yelp page and read the countless reviews and why our customers think Overland Carwash is the Best Auto Detailing in LA!

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