Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Car Wash Detail

Summer Car Wash Detail

Summer in LA often means different things to different people. However most of us can agree that above all some common denominators can be found amongst people. Such as the beach, barbecues, convertibles and road trips.
With all the trips to the mall, the beach and the memorable road trips comes also the flaring sun and the long periods of time without a drop of water falling from the sky. These are the times to remember that a Summer Car Wash Detail can save your car from unnecessary cruelty. Because of this it's vital to take care of your cars paint and coating properly. The last thing you would want is to have a few drops of tree sap that you've missed bake into your coating throughout the scorching summer or to have your untreated leather interior crack.
Overland Carwash now offers this summers arguably best Summer Car Wash Detail deal through it's Super Summer Detail Coupon! Treat your car with an amazing auto detail at the amazing price of $99.99 saving you over $50 (regularly priced at $150.00)! Drop by this weekend for this amazing Summer Car Wash Detail offer!


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