Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Premium Santa Monica Car Wash

Premium Santa Monica Car Wash

We're very proud to announce that the top rated Premium Santa Monica Car Wash is Overland Carwash on Overland Ave. Whether it is reviews from google or yelp reviews, Overland Carwash has a solid reputation among its broad customer base to deliver quality service that is unmatched.
As the Premium Santa Monica Car Wash, Overland Carwash prides itself in offering a wide range of car wash services that are a perfect fit for any type of car and brand.
What sets Overland Carwash apart is not the fact that we service lots of European, American and Japanese premium cars, but the fact that our premium car wash service attracts many car owners that value the their cars upkeep.

Visit Overland Carwash today or this weekend and find out why it's been dubbed the number One Premium Santa Monica Car Wash.

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