Monday, October 28, 2013

Detailing Clay

Detailing Clay

Detailing Clay or Clay Wax as it's also called is a clay bar consisting of resin compound intended to remove contaminants from the surface of cars, trucks and other vehicles. Although detailing clay could be natural most manufacturers these days produce synthetic clays to remove those stubborn bonded contaminants and make the paint super smooth in preparation for polishing and other detailing services.

The way Detailing Clay works is in fact very simple, the clay wax simply glides along the surface of the paint and sticks to anything that protrudes. When performed correctly by professionals, detailing clay is much safer and better option that polishing in removing contaminants without causing abrasion.

Overland Carwash in West Los Angeles offers a comprehensive and popular Clay Wax service where your car will receive a detailing clay service unlike any other car wash. We only use the best quality products for all our services such as Clay Magic® for the infamous Clay Wax package. For more information on getting a Detailing Clay Service at Overland Carwash visit our official website.

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  1. Claying is an effective way of removing stubborn contaminants without machine polishing.