Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Westwood Car Polishing

Westwood Car Polishing

Car Polishing is a service many car washes offer that involves to either remove or mask sub-surface paint defects and to greatly enhance the gloss of the surface in preparation for sealant or some sort of wax protection. If you are looking for a Westwood Car Polishing location make sure to visit Overland Carwash where you can treat your car a quality car polish that will help maintain your vehicles paint and eventually value. The very comprehensive Exterior Polishing package at Overland Carwash includes:

Detailed Vacuum
Magic Wheel Treatment/Steam Clean Tires and Rims
Water and Tree Sap Removal
Clay Treatment
Speed Buffing
Speed Polish and Glaze
Hand Wax
Exterior Armor All Dressing

Located on Overland Ave only minutes away from Westwood ave, Overland Carwash should be the obvious choice for anyone looking for a Westwood Car Polishing venue.

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