Monday, June 10, 2013

New Carwash Coupons and Specials

New Carwash Coupons and Specials

As the OVERLAND CARWASH has been launched we are pleased to announce that new coupons have been added to the Specials section to celebrate the arrival of summer and this special occasion. Click on desired coupon to print and redeem at Overland Carwash TODAY!

The Carwash Coupons
- Summer Detail, $79.95, reg $135.
- Carnuba Hand Wax, $44.95, reg $69.95.
- Mini Detail, 74.95, reg $89.95.
- $50 OFF Compete Detail, LIMITED time ONLY!

For more information about special deals and coupons at West Los Angeles best carwash and detailing center visit the official website at!

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